How you plan your trip

You spend time searching.

You install a bunch of apps on your mobile phone then go and spend some good quality time with a some travel websites.

You spend time creating “to-do” lists

You create a to-do list with all the things you should visit. Then you start removing items from that list. Then you start wondering if you can visit all that places in the few days you are in that city. Then you remove some more items from the list. It’s about time to start loosing your mind over all the posibilities.

You give up

It’s about time to quit planning. You decide to throw the to-do list to the bin and just go with the wind. You’ll come up with somthing on the go possibly skipping some realy awesome things to see and do.

Check out how we do it!

How we plan your trip

The sweet stuff

We get the best things to see and do and spice them with tips straight from the locals

The usefull stuff

We add all the places you need to visit on an awesome map packed with all the things you need: directions, info and timings.

The saved time

The most important thing is the time. We make sure you don’t loose time with the planning but more important we make sure you’ll get the most out of your travel time.

What our clients say

It’s in the name, 9Wonders did wonders and helped me get the best from my short trip in London. I wanted to visit the city landscape and get relaxed so they came up with a one day walk in the most amazing and relaxing parks ¬†close to the city centre.

Abel Eriksen Accountant

Although I know Millan quite well the people behind 9Wonders managed to prepare the best history course I ever had. I guess they had a hard time finding the best historical places for me to see and learn about because I requested an itinerary for a short walk of maximum 4 hours. They pulled it of nicely.

Alessa Rossi Shop Keeper
Custom Itineraries created
Places visited
Planning hours saved
Happy travelers

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